Malad City


Malad City has a variety of services available for residents and visitors. It is the top lottery seller in the State of Idaho. There are five convenience stores, four gas stations, one grocery store, one drug and variety store, several flower shops and craft shops, three restaurants, outdoor barbecue dining, one independent Drive-In restaurant, a Burger King and a Subway, and one small hotel. There is a furniture/appliance store, two hardware stores (one with a lumberyard), several mechanic and car service shops and a unique vintage store, a laundromat, plus many other in-home, independent shops.

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Major Highways

Federal Interstate I-15

Runs North to South

State Highway 36

Runs East to West

State Highway 37

Runs East to West

State Highway 38

Runs East to West

Air Services

Oneida County Airport - Paved

Runway 5,000′ x 60′
Grass Strip 4675′ x 60′
Beacon/Runway Lights 5-clicks on 1229 
Weather Station 4-clicks on 1229
100ll Fuel – Credit Card pump 24/7
Pilot’s Lounge 
Courtesy Car
Distance to downtown Malad – 3 Miles

Airport handles up to twin engine turboprop and small jet aircraft.

Truck & Rail Services

Malad City Industrial Park

19 acres available

Individual Agreements

Union Pacific &
Piggy Back Services

Television & Internet

Digital Switching Available

Universal One-Party Service

Fiber Optics


Hotels: 10 rooms

Airbnb: 13 Locations

Vrbo: 2 Locations

Senior Citizen
Apartments: 58 Rooms