November 2023 Newsletter

The City is about to launch a new website! We have been working the past two months on revising our website. We are happy about the new website and hope that you will enjoy it. The website address is, and it should be up and running in a few days.

The new website will provide for paying utility bills online, which we think will be a great benefit for our citizens. Ordinances that affect you, as citizens, are posted on the website, along with applications for licenses that you may require. Another feature of our new website will be a calendar of events. We would like to keep the calendar as up to date as possible but will need your help. Could you call Susan Wittman, Malad City Clerk, at 208-766-4160; or email to get an event on the calendar? 

Our City Council meetings are open to the public. Occasionally we may have reason for an Executive Session that is not open to the public. They are usually held at the end of the open meeting. In addition, a reporter from The Idaho Enterprise attends our monthly meetings and reports them in the newspaper. If you have questions about what is going on in your City, the information is available for you.

We understand that there are concerns about how to meet with the mayor and city council. Monthly meetings are held by the City Council on the second Wednesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. To conform with the Idaho Open Meeting Law, you need to contact the City Clerk by the Friday before that Wednesday meeting to get on the agenda. If there is an interest, we will provide a Zoom link if you would like to attend a City Council meeting but cannot attend in person. Please contact the City Clerk if you would like to attend a meeting by Zoom, and she will provide you with the link.

We have always allowed residents to come and talk with the council about their concerns. In addition, the website provides email addresses of the mayor and all council members, along with the email and telephone numbers of our Malad City Superintendent, Tyler Webster, and our Code Enforcement Officer, Jon Christophersen. Please feel free to contact any of us with your concerns.

As Mayor, I am proud of our City Council and everything they try to do. There is much more involved in being a council member than just attending one City Council meeting a month. Each council member has assignments and areas that they oversee, and sometimes these assignments can become very demanding. 

I appreciate all our employees. There is more work than time, but we will always address your issues as soon as we possibly can.