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Malad City

Licenses & Permits

The City of Malad has a strong growing economy. It is the perfect location for small, medium, and large businesses to expand or locate. Malad draws from a large workforce – one with strong work ethics that values the variety of jobs provided by our diverse businesses. 

The City of Malad partners with several organizations that provide low interest rates from Idaho’s Revolving Loan Fund, as well as other types of funding and grant programs to assist with fixed assets, equipment, operating collateral, etc., to assist the needs of your growing or new business.

Idaho has been recognized nationally as the top state for its tax incentive programs, workforce training programs, and strong workers compensation program. Malad is part of the I-15 distribution corridor between several large cities such as Pocatello, Idaho to the north, Logan, Utah to the southeast, and Salt Lake City only 1.5 hours to the south. There are three airports located close to Malad. The Salt Lake City International Airport is 90 miles from Malad, the Pocatello Regional Airport is 60 miles away, and the Idaho Falls Regional Airport is within 90 miles of Malad. These strong airports provide great air services so that you can visit, vacation, or live in our city.

The City of Malad also has a 42 acre Industrial Park that houses large industrial businesses such a Hess Pumice. The city also purchased an additional 19 acres for industrial development adjacent to the existing industrial park. Both offer areas for industrial business. One lot on the 19 acres has access to railroad.

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