July 2023 Newsletter

By now we have celebrated the 17th annual Malad Valley Welsh Festival and another unique Malad July 4 celebration. Thank you so much to all volunteers! These events could not be accomplished without you, and it makes it even more special that WE come together to make these memories. 

Some observations and information:

  1. Yes, we did have a good water year. However, we are not guaranteed a good water year for next year. We will continue to practice conservation habits in our water use so that we don’t forget and next year have to relearn what we have had to learn in the past several years. Outdoor watering is from 6:00 to 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. If you have automatic sprinklers, you can water during the night, but please set your sprinklers so that you are watering reasonable hours.
  1. South Main Street is a four-lane road. The two outer lanes are turn lanes, and the two inner lanes are through lanes. For example, if you are turning into Thomas Market as you are driving south, pull into the outer lane to turn into the parking lot, then you do not slow down through traffic. Yes, we know we need to restripe South Main. That item will be on the agenda for July!
  1. For complaints or observations regarding city maintenance of parks (the splash pad not working), cemetery, roads, sewer or water lines under the direction of the Public Works Department, you can contact the Malad City Superintendent, Tyler Webster, directly. His telephone number is 816-344-4494. We have a good crew of Malad High School youths who are helping the five-man regular crew this summer. They all work hard and try to do a good job, but sometimes something is missed or mistakes are made. If you have questions about why something is not being done the way you think it should, give Tyler a call! 
  1. Be aware of speed limit signs for upper North Main Street. It seems that drivers are coming south down the hill from the old highway onto 100 West and do not realize how fast they are driving. There are young children who live on upper North Main, where you turn at the “Y” from 100 West to North Main Street. Please be aware of this and slow down. The speed limit from 400 North 100 West to 600 North 100 West is 20 miles per hour.