December 2023 Newsletter

Malad City Newsletter

December 2023

Information of interest to Malad City residents:

Wastewater Treatment Plant – The new Wastewater Treatment Plant is very close to being ready to start up, completing Phase I of the project. The major work is all complete, but there are some small issues still being addressed.

The City first started exploring issues with the old Wastewater Treatment Plant as early as 2009. In 2014 they entered into an agreement with the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), committing to address issues with the system. From that time, the City has worked closely with DEQ and their engineers, J-U-B. When the bids were received, Whitaker Construction, from Brigham City, was the low bidder. They have been exceptional to work with. Our City Superintendent has worked closely with the engineers and Whitaker this year to make sure that the new plant will be operable when turned over to the City. Watching other communities around us struggle with bringing their Wastewater Plant into compliance with DEQ, we are pleased with the quality of our product for the cost.

Phase II will consist of decommissioning the old ponds. That cost is yet unknown to the city, but there were grant funds left over from Phase I that will help.

December Events – The City is trying to keep their calendar up to date with events that are going on locally. Check out our new website: Please contact the Malad City Office if you have an event you would like added to the calendar.

Snow Removal – If you want the snow removed from the curbside in the front of your home, you will need to move obstacles such as vehicles and trashcans so the snowplow can reach the curb. If they can’t reach the curb, they will have to plow around the obstacles. Ordinances pertaining to parking on city streets can be found on the City’s website.

Malad City Attorney – Representing Malad City as the City Attorney for the past 10+ years has been Dustin Smith. We are sad to report that Dustin will retire from his position as of December 31, 2023. He will be missed. He has been a dedicated, loyal advocate, providing legal advice to the Malad City Mayor, Council and Clerk, and we thank him for his service. The City is in the process of obtaining new legal counsel, which will be announced soon.

All of us at Malad City wish our residents a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and happy New Year! Please contact us with your questions or concerns. Our email addresses are located on our website.