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Malad City Government

Malad City was founded in 1864, but it was not incorporated as a city of the State of Idaho until 1941 with Dr. O.H. Mabey as the first mayor. Malad City has a mayor/council form of government, where the mayor is elected as the chief executive and council members are elected as the law-making arm of the local government. The mayor only votes to break a tie. Each person is elected on a non-partisan basis for a four-year term. Malad City has had 12 mayors since it was incorporated: 1941-1945, Dr. O.H. Mabey; 1946-1947, Guy Benson; 1948-1950, Edward G. Williams; 1951-1955, D. LeRoy Thomas; 1956-1961, Claude Kent; 1962-1966, John V. Evans; 1967-1975, Glen B. Williams; 1976-1979, J. Marvin Hess; 1980-1983, Seth Thomas; 1984-1996, Terrill Schwartz; 1997-2014, Spence Horsley; 2015-Present, Joan Hawkins.

Malad City


Mayor Joan Hawkins

Mayor Joan Hawkins is the first woman elected to serve as mayor of the City of Malad. She was appointed by the council in December 2014 to complete the final year of the term of Mayor Spence Horsley after his resignation. She is in her third full-term as mayor. Prior to her service as mayor, she served on the City of Malad Council from 2001 through 2014.

Mayor Hawkins was born and raised in Woodruff, south of Malad. After living in Salt Lake City for several years, she moved “back home” where she has lived since 1970.


SICOG, Senior Citizens Center, Museum, Mayor’s Youth Council


City Council

Lance Tripp

Council President


City Park, Malad Recreation Committee, Malad City Community Foundation

Larry Thomas

City Council


Cemetery, Water, and Sewer

Tyrell Neal

City Council


Roads, Malad Theater Guild

Jamie Olsen

City Council


Planning & Zoning; Economic Development

Susan Wittman

City Clerk

Machelle Neal

Deputy City Clerk

Terrill Schwartz

City Treasurer

Brett Evanson

City Attorney

Tyler Webster

Superintendent of Public Works

John Christophersen

Code Enforcement Officer


Crew Members & Committees

Mayor's Youth Council

L-R Back Row
Mrs. Ashlyn Jacobsen
Miss Elizabeth Kent 
Adi Schow
Aubree Palmer
Mathilde Dickersen
Kolton Cox
Jenetta Jacaway
Kelty Thomas
Front Row:
Zion McCullough
Paisley Smith
Jayson Spencer
Tatum Hess
Abbie Cox
Karlee Palmer.
Not Pictured:
Aubrey Corbett
Emma Bird

Planning & Zoning Commission

From Bottom left, clockwise:

Madison (Madi) Jones

Brandon Ekstrom

Chairman Shelly Williams

Jody Farr

Brent Grote


City Crew

L-R Part-time:
Spring Cobabe
Stetson Higley
Preston Bird

Clint Price
Tyler Webster
Pat Werk
Quincy Asay
Gaylen Garrett

Malad City Community Foundation, Inc.

Lance Tripp
Larry Thomas
Tyrell Neal
Jamie Olsen
Joan Hawkins

Susan Wittman
Brandon Ward
Kelle Kelly
Shelly Price
Steven Arbuckle

Malad City Recreation Committee

Bobbie Summers – Chairman
Lance Tripp
Krishele Jensen
Brian Thomas
Dean Larkin

Cemetery Beautification Committee

Kathleen Atkinson – Chairman
Ron Felser
Teresa Tubbs
George Alger
Kristen Horsley

Water Department: 208-766-4160
Animal Control: 208-915-2422
Oneida County Sheriff’s Department: 208-766-2251
Public Works: 816-344-4494