April 2024 Newsletter

A few months ago, we provided a newsletter explaining the Bannock Street Project. We were extremely fortunate as a community to receive a state grant for Phase II of the Bannock Street Project, 300 West to 500 West, and other grants that will provide sidewalk, curb, gutter, and stormwater mitigation. If not for those grants, we would be looking at another approximately eight to ten years to complete Bannock Street. We started working on Phase I in 2017! The Bannock Street Project will add value to each resident’s property by providing these improvements.

Since that newsletter, the engineers for Bannock Street, Forsgren Associates, worked with the State of Idaho and received permission to allow the Phase II project, which was supposed to be completed this year, to be completed in 2025 along with Phase I. This will mean that we will only have to divert traffic and be torn up for one year rather than two.

We know that many of the residents along Bannock have questions about the project. We will be holding public meetings later this year regarding the construction. Some of you have already provided questions, which Forsgren is addressing. A major question is, “What is this going to cost us?”

In many past City improvement projects, the residents involved with the projects paid for the improvements, either in whole or in part, through various Local Improvement Districts (LIDs) that were set up for the specific project. An LID provides financing with payment over a term (10 to 15 years in most cases) by the resident to the city to pay for the improvements.

The City is required to pay a percentage of the total Bannock Street Project. We are receiving millions of dollars of improvements to our city for a small percentage of the total cost. We won’t know what that cost will be until the project goes out to bid. However, the council is planning a LID for Bannock Street, through which the residents along Bannock Street will be asked to pay a portion of the City’s required cost. Once the City has all the information in hand and can properly answer questions, they will start holding public meetings to inform residents.

We have received many complaints about Bannock Street. We know it is a bumpy ride, but we ask for your continued patience. It would not make sense to do work on Bannock Street when it will be completely torn out next year. Please have patience for one more year!

On another note, please be aware that this is the time of year to license your dogs at Malad City Hall! Licenses are required for all dogs!