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Where is Malad?

Malad City is located near Interstate 15 in the South Eastern part of Idaho, approximately 10 minutes from the Utah Border.
The city is is located in a fertile valley which encompasses several other small towns within the county. There are are several universities within a short distance. It is a valley with a rich history and promising future.

     Malad is only a short distance to popular attractions such as Yellowstone National Park, Jackson Hole, Lava Hot Springs, Pebble Creek Ski area, and The Grand Tetons.

    Malad is a perfect location for those who seek a calm lifestyle while still enjoying all the comforts of life.   Several larger cities are only a short drive away.  Malad has always been a favorite area for sportsmen from all across the country.  Fresh water streams from the mountains fill many reservoirs with sparkling fresh water.  Trails and backcountry roads offer exciting and beautiful getaways year-round.

As can be seen from the map, Malad City is only a few minutes from several national forests, and larger Cities.

 Google Map of Malad City

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