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Celebrating Our Heritage

Malad Valley was settled in the 1860s by Welsh pioneers who brought their Welsh traditions with them. One important tradition was an annual “eisteddfod”, patterned after the music and poetry contests held in Wales for over 900 years.

Malad Valley’s eisteddfod was an annual cultural arts event held in Malad and Samaria on alternating years. Judges came from Salt Lake City to choose the best vocal and instrumental numbers and recitations. The eisteddfod was an all-day event with people coming from all over Oneida County. The custom continued until 1916 and World War I.

To learn more about this year's festival, click on Welsh Festival on the left of the page or click on the following link: www.welshfestival.com.

With the goal of renewing the eisteddfod tradition, the Malad Valley Welsh Society was formed in 2004. Malad is a natural location for a Welsh festival as it has the largest per capita concentration of persons of Welsh ancestry outside Wales itself. The Welsh Society has the following goals:

• Increase awareness of and pride in the
Welsh cultural heritage of Malad.
• Promote the music, poetry, story telling, history, folk arts and crafts, and games of Welsh heritage.
• Bring the citizens of Oneida County--past and present -- together in a celebration of its heritage.
• Build a legacy for future generations before the ties to the past are lost.


For more information:

Malad Valley Welsh Society
Jean Thomas - President (208-766-4417)                email: thomjea2@isu.edu

Malad Welsh  Foundation                                                                                                                   Joan Williams - President (208-766-2649)  email: willgord@atcnet.net

Malad Valley Welsh Festival                                                                                                                Mike Williams - Chair (208-766-4968)     email: mikewms1@hotmail.com

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