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Legends and Stories of Malad and Oneida County

  Because its long history, Oneida County is full of legends, and tales.  This area is planned to be an online archive of those stories so that everyone can enjoy them.  Please send in your information.
How could one man have two headstones?  One Man Two Headstones, and phantom limbs
Hidden gold from a robbery still remains hidden The Iron Door
"Talking" Mountains tell when spring arrives. Rumbling Mountains
How one road got its name and gave the state courts a good laugh. Lawsuit lane

Brigham Young Visits the Malad Valley

In June of 1855, Brigham Young made a trip to the north country. He thought the Malad Valley to be a pretty desolate, cold, hard, valley, but tolerable with good grazing. He went farther north into the Bannock Country. Upon returning, he more fully appreciated the Malad valley. He said, "The Malad Valley looked like the most beautiful valley".

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